We can help you improve the way you inspect your products, and de-risk your investment in new measurement equipment.

An inspection process development study helps your organisation understand the dimensional measurement of your products, and the current metrology equipment market. Our team will work with you to identify the most relevant measurement equipment for your business needs, in an open and independent manne.

Your challenge

Dimensional inspection process development can add value if:

  • You are looking to invest in measurement equipment, and want to reduce the risk of your capital purchases.
  • You want to understand the latest measurement technologies.
  • You want an independent assessment of the best measurement technology for your needs.

Our service

  • We work with you to understand your measurement needs and business drivers, by reviewing drawings, visiting your site, inspecting your current equipment, and talking to your manufacturing teams.
  • We work with your team to understand the key criteria for our assessment, such as cost, accuracy or training needs.
  • We review relevant emerging and off-the-shelf measurement technologies for your application. We analyse the costs, benefits, risks and disadvantages of the technologies against your needs, and recommend the most suitable approach.
  • We can organise demonstrations of the recommended technologies.


  • Reduce your investment risk through independent assessment of technology.
  • Better understand emerging and off-the-shelf measurement equipment.
  • Introduce new measurement processes as part of your digital transformation.
  • Ensure your business is meeting the needs of your client.


Find out more

Download the dimensional inspection process development flyer (pdf, 100kb) for more detail on our services and capabilities.

For an informal discussion about your dimensional inspection requirements, contact David Stoddart, head of simulation and verification.