Nuclear AMRC sponsors Unpuzzling Science

By 3 June 2021 June 8th, 2021 Comment

The Nuclear AMRC has sponsored Unpuzzling Science, a company set up by Nucleargraduate students who have a vision to see “a world where everyone, including women, feel empowered to pursue a career in STEM”. In October 2019, Unpuzzling Sciences’ Charities Lead, Philip Cradduck, joined the Nuclear AMRC as part of his Nucleargraduate secondment. During his time at Nuclear AMRC, he was passionate about STEM projects and activities and it has been amazing to see him take this passion further in his career. We asked Philip to speak about his passion for STEM and the company he has helped create around it:

After completing university, I joined the Nucleargraduates scheme and began my secondment at Nuclear AMRC in late 2019. It was my first engineering role since leaving university, and the help and guidance I received from my line manager and colleagues when I first started was great. The working environment was very supportive with everyone willing to explain new concepts and involve me in work to help my own progress. The experience was amazing, and I really think it has set me on the right path moving forward with my career.

Through working at Nuclear AMRC I was able to both continue my development as an engineer, while being free to work on STEM projects alongside other colleagues with a similar passion. I was able to be involved in visits to the local community and encouraged to spend time working with my own Chartership Institution and local STEM hub to support activities all over the Sheffield. Had it not been for the pandemic we would have carried out even more of the STEM activities we had planned, and I know that since I have left, this ambition has remained.

This has been shown in no small part by Nuclear AMRC’s commitment to work with us on our workshops, to better engage with students, and their direct support through the purchase of 300 jigsaws. Everyone at Unpuzzling Science has been really happy with this commitment and that Nuclear AMRC has taken the lead on this form of engagement, with the hope that many other organisations can follow their example.

The value of STEM

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and is a crucial part of young persons development as it teaches critical-thinking skills and helps build a passion for innovation.

This is not just key for inspiring students into work that will progress our understanding of the world, solve key problems that the world currently faces. It provides skills and a way of approaching challenges that will benefit them in all future decisions in their life.

“By inspiring the young people of today we will help solve the problems of tomorrow.”

What this will mean for schools

I know through my own personal STEM work in the Sheffield and Rotherham area that there are multiple schools that would benefit from greater interaction with STEM and welcome support on highlighting the benefits that the STEM field can provide. By providing these jigsaws and the accompanying workshops it is our hope that young students will learn about inspiring women and their contributions to the world that we currently live in and feel empowered in the knowledge that they can follow in their footsteps and achieve their goals in life, however high they may be set.