Nuclear AMRC appoints managing director

By 8 August 2015 November 12th, 2015 Nuclear AMRC news

The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre has appointed respected industry professional Andrew Storer as managing director to further strengthen the centre’s support for UK manufacturers.

Andy Storer

The appointment comes at a crucial time for the UK civil nuclear industry. With the new build programme poised to move forwards, a heightened focus on the clean-up of high hazard waste at legacy nuclear facilities, and the need to support the life extension of the existing nuclear fleet in the UK, the Nuclear AMRC is committed to increasing its support for UK supply chain competitiveness.

Andrew Storer has been programme director for Rolls-Royce’s civil nuclear business for the past six years, leading customer engagement and bids with new build developers. He also leads a number of supply chain development initiatives for the Nuclear Industry Council.

He joins the Nuclear AMRC as managing director from 12 October 2015, and will be responsible for day-to-day leadership of the Nuclear AMRC.

Storer says: “I am delighted to be joining the Nuclear AMRC at such an exciting time for the UK nuclear industry. The opportunities that lie ahead for the UK supply chain are varied and vast. The Nuclear AMRC has a key role to play in ensuring that companies are able to step up to the challenge, to secure a profitable and sustainable future in the UK, while establishing a robust export growth opportunity.”    

The appointment allows Nuclear AMRC chief executive officer Mike Tynan to focus on strategic issues including the Nuclear AMRC’s role in supporting development of small modular reactors (SMRs) for the UK market, and enhanced support for manufacturing clusters close to the UK’s new build sites in Somerset, North Wales and West Cumbria.

Tynan says: “Andy’s appointment is a tremendous boost for Nuclear AMRC at a time when it is crucial that we fully support UK companies in their drive to compete for work in the global civil nuclear market.

“Andy Storer brings unique experience to lead efforts at Nuclear AMRC to assist UK suppliers and developers. Andy is an established nuclear industry professional with an excellent track record in the complex environment of nuclear supplier development, government support and industrial application. He will be a valuable asset to the Nuclear AMRC and will further strengthen our ability to support UK industry.”